Someone’s In The Kitchen With Dinah!

Private chef to the billionaires. I love to say that. It doesn’t even sound true. Yet, it is! Crazy, right? Am I really that good? Apparently.

On a trip to Rome for a New Year’s eve party with one of my greatest friends, I met my next boyfriend, of course. You can’t go to Italy and not fall in love. It’s impossible. He happened to be from Sicily, of course. So down the boot we went. While I was there I was astonished at how much they ate and how beautiful they all were ~ aside from everyone looking like they walked right out of The God Father. Because I was American, no one would let me cook, ANYTHING. Not that I had a clue how to cook anything anyway. So I just watched. And watched. And watched.

We would go out sailing in basically a row boat and catch the freshest fish. We would then come home and bake it in the wood burning oven my boyfriend built himself in his backyard. We would drink the wine made from up the hill and watch the Mediterranean flow by…I also fell in love with his mother so she let me in on ALL the secrets. Cut to three years later, I finally came home. I arrived in America fully armed and ready to get cooking! I also realized I didn’t have any foundation. Culinary school beckoned. After graduation, things took off very quickly. A dear friend of mine took me under her wing to help me get into the world of the private chef. I quickly rose to the millionaires and soon onto the billionaires. I love to cook for anyone who loves to eat.

Are you hungry? I’m available.